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Harley, Wille & Friends | Chardon,Ohio | Evangelist Minister

At our core, Harley, Wille & Friends is a devoted Christian organization dedicated to serving Christ and spreading God’s message far and wide. We all feel so blessed to be doing the work God put us on this Earth to do and we are humbled by the gifts he has given to us.
Harley is an ordained minister who has a lifetime of service in the church behind him. From the age of six, Harley knew he wanted to serve God for the rest of his life. As a preacher, he has worked hard every day to spread God’s message of love, forgiveness, sacrifice, and goodwill to as many people as possible.
We feel that we play a vital role in God’s grand plan. Through entertainment and laughter, we are teaching children and adults the Lord’s important lessons and the things that they need to know if they want to spend eternity in paradise. We strive to share the teachings of God and pass on all that we have learned from him. Harley is an extremely devoted Evangelist minister in Cleveland, OH.
When you book Harley, Wille & Friends for your next event, you will get a performer who is passionate about teaching the gospel in an accessible, fun way. Through audience participation, jokes, stories and songs, we share the gospel with our audiences in a way that will bring them comfort and get them on a path to appreciating and loving God with all of their hearts. Our powerful ministry hopes that every person who watches us perform comes away feeling God’s love all around them.
We know that you’re going to love our clean act and our Christian message. Visit us today and discover what part you have to play in God’s greater plan.

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