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For years, Harley, Wille & Friends has been entertaining audiences all over Cleveland, OH with our specific brand of wholesome humor with a Christian message. Our shows have delighted children and parents alike with an easily relatable theme that makes them laugh and makes them think. We hope audiences come away with a deeper appreciation for their faith and a warm feeling in their hearts.
At the age of six years old, Harley Osborne realized that he wanted to devote his life to God and his courageous son, Jesus Christ. On that day, Harley became a Christian for life.
Six years later, Harley was subjected to a test of his faith when he accidentally drank acid. He almost lost his voice completely, but he still prayed to God and never cursed his situation. Thankfully, he made a full recovery, and on top of that, God had blessed him with the ability to do several different voices!
Harley prayed once more and asked God what he should do with this talent. The Lord responded by removing Harley’s shyness and showing him the way towards being a charismatic character minister. Now, accompanied by his friends, Harley travels all around with Wille and the rest giving performances and spreading God’s loving message. Wille is Holycostal – Ask him about it!
There’s no better entertainment around for a meeting of devoted Christians. Reach out to Harley, Wille & Friends for the best deal on wholesome performances for parties and events.

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